Cemetery Pictures

One of the greatest resources we have for researching history and genealogy, or just for feeling a tangible link to the past, is cemeteries. Here in Mill Creek Hundred, we're fortunate to have several cemeteries that contain burials dating back to the 1700's, and which hold the final resting places of a large portion of the hundred's 18th and 19th Century residents. This page contains links to photos of many of their headstones. This is by no means a comprehensive catalog, and will be a work in progress for quite some time. If you have any corrections or additions to this collection, feel free to chime in on the Forum or email me directly.

White Clay Creek Presbyterian Church

Armstrong, Edward   1797-1875
Baldwin, William   1785-1854
Creighton, Jennet   1765-1785
Crossan, William
Dickey, Charles H   1833-1902
Dickey, Charles P   1861-1931
Dickey, Elizabeth   1833-1900
Dickey, Mary E   1869-1938
Gray, Andrew   1771-1849
Greenwalt, Elizabeth   1818-1902
Greenwalt, Henry   1807-1860
Greenwalt, John   1797-1867
Greenwalt, Margaret   1809-1853
Guthrie, Alexander   1787-1860
Guthrie, Hannah
Mackey, Rev. William D   1823-1886
Macklem, Isaac   1828-1852
Macklem, William   1797-1851
McCoy, James F   1853-1933
McCoy, Mary E   1847-1929
McIntire, Andrew
McIntire, Andrew   1716-1799
McIntire, Andrew   1794-1820
McIntire, Samuel   1793-1820
Medill, Ann   1800-1879
Medill, David   1794-1861
Medill, George D   1839-1914
Medill, Percival H   1890-1890
Medill, Phelina P   1846-1933
Mitchell, Thomas   1800-1852
Moore, Levi B   1803-1869
Morrison, Samuel   1758-1814
Morrison, Samuel   1795-1869
Morrison, William   1801-1884
Mote, Eli   1806-1879
Mote, Eliza J   1834-1923
Mote, Harris   1849-1902
Mote, James T   1844-1875
Mote, Jesse H   1838-1909
Mote, Sarah C   1806-1892
Mote, Theodore H   1859-1892
Mote, William   1785-1854
Mote, William H   1834-1872
Peach, Edmund M   1858-1914
Peach, Emeline   1813-1889
Peach, John   1803-1862
Peach, Margaret   1771-1853
Peach, Margaret J   1847-1926
Reynolds, William M   1824-1865
Ridgway, John   1802-1874
Ridgway, Sarah   1806-1887
Rodgers, John   1725-1791
Rubencame, Jacob   1812-1887
Rubencame, Rebecca J   1810-1890
Shakespear, John B   -1864
Springer, Elizabeth   1741-1826
Springer, Elizabeth C   1853-1858
Springer, Elizabeth Jane   1815-1893
Springer, James   1820-1882
Springer, John   1811-1884
Springer, Margaret   1786-1854
Springer, Nicholas   1744-1792
Springer, Sarah M   1822-1907
Springer, Stephen   1785-1842
Stillwell, Eliza T   1823-1902
Stillwell, Jacob   1821-1876
Vallandigham, James L   1846-1888
Walker, Robert   1818-1867
Walker, Sarah D   1821-1900
Walker, Sarah D   1868-1887
Whiteman, Henry   ?-1856
Whiteman, Jacob   1779-1851
Whiteman, John   1785-1836