Tuesday, August 11, 2009

And Off We Go.....

This is the debut post here at The Mill Creek History Blog. Although some of this information is covered in the "About This Blog" and the "About Me" sections, I just want to go over and elaborate on a few points. First off, I am by no means a professional historian or archaeologist, no do I claim to be. I am just a born and bred MCH resident with an interest in local history. I have done some light research into some MCH sites and would like to share what I have with anyone who might be interested. I will also provide links when possible, so anyone can view the information for themselves.

Since I am, as I said, an amateur, I know that I don't have all the information and that sometimes I might have incorrect information. I will always welcome input and corrections. I also welcome any suggestions for new sites to explore.

In addition, if any local history-related news events should pop up, I may post on them as well. If , through this blog, I am able to connect with anyone else who shares an interest in the history of Mill Creek Hundred, I may look (down the road) into forming some sort of Mill Creek Hundred Historical Society. That, however, is likely a ways off. For now, I hope we can have fun with this blog. Thanks.

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  1. you need to talk to Dan Cecil of Cecil vault ...he grew up right accross the street from his business and has a vast knowledge of the area