Friday, May 6, 2011

New Marshallton Book Released

Last summer, we did a two-part post about Marshallton in the 1920's (Part 1, Part 2), centered around the recollections of long-time resident Ann Hedrick. In the intro to Part 1, it was mentioned that there was a book in the works about Ann's life. Well, I'm pleased to report that the book has finally been published, and is now available. It is titled Annie's Marshallton, and was written by Kathleen C. Hildebrand. I haven't had a chance to purchase my own copy yet, but I did get to take a quick look at it over the weekend. From what I saw, there are many things inside that will be familiar to readers of this site, or anyone interested in Marshallton's past (I even saw a picture of the Kiamensi Mansion).

Printing of the book was paid for by the Crossroads Restaurant on Kirkwood Highway, and the book is available for purchase exclusively at the restaurant. Annie's Marshallton costs $10, and all proceeds from the book are being donated to the Mill Creek Fire Company Ladies Auxiliary. Ann has been involved with the fire company for most of her life, and even drove a fire truck herself during World War II. The book is not a full-scale biography about Ann -- more of a collection of reminiscences of her life and the village that she's called home for over 90 years. I'm glad that the book is finally out, and I can't wait to get a copy!

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  1. Scott, I bought a copy yesterday. I enjoyed it very much, although Marshallton was never one of my stomping-grounds. We used to drive through often on the "back way to Price's Corner", avoiding Kirkwood Hwy. Donna