Friday, February 1, 2013

MCH History Event

So now it looks like there really is some interest in having a get-together event for readers of the blog and anyone else who enjoys local history. Now we go from hypotheticals to logistics. We need to come up with a time and a place. As far as a time goes, we first need to decide what kind of a time frame would be the best for the most people -- weeknight, weekend day, weekend night. I figure we'll want to have a couple of hours to sit or stand around and talk. That probably means an evening time (7:00, maybe) or an early to mid afternoon if it's on a Saturday or Sunday (1:00, 3:00). That being said, I'm open to suggestions. This our event, not just mine.

And as for a place, I'm open to ideas there, too. I'd say we're probably looking at somewhere in the range of 10 to 20 people, so a smallish room would suffice. I'm thinking large enough that we can mingle around, set up a few tables for those who want to/need to sit, and have a couple tables for displays and maybe some snacks (we can get to that in the next round of planning). I realize that the time and place, to some degree, will probably have to be planned in concert with each other. A great room is no good if no one can make it, and it doesn't work if it's not available when we are. Our other constraint is that my ideal pricepoint for the room is approximately what I make from writing the blog. I don't want to make this a paying event, so I'd like to find somewhere that will just let us use a space for a few hours. We'll clean up, and we won't be too rowdy.

So to move things to the next step, I've replaced the polling question to the right to ask about preferred time frames. Feel free to throw in any ideas or comments here, at the FaceBook page, or by emailing me directly.


  1. Scott, I wonder if Mill Creek Fire Company might be open to having us? Donna P.

  2. Scott-

    If we wait until the spring, I think Brandywine Springs Park would be the idea palce to gather. We could even include a tour of the park and environs, like the location of the former roller rink and the Kiamensi water bottling plant.

  3. Bill -- That's a great idea, maybe for a second meeting. I'm hoping that the first event will be sometime later this month, although I should say that I'll be out of town the weekend of the 16th-17th, so site-willing maybe the following weekend. Some of the suggestions so far have been Mill Creek Fire Company, Greenbank Mill, snd the Kirkwood Hwy library. I'll try to start putting out feelers this week, but if anyone has any connections to these places or any others, feel free to step up.

    But back to Bill, now I'm kind of excited about a Brandywine Springs meeting. Since I hope this won't be a one-off thing, BS would be great for a spring meeting. A tour would fun, since I did that a few years back when the railroad was doing them.

  4. I would prefer a week night but weekends are a possibility. Either Kirkwood or Hockessin Libraries would be fine. I don't believe they charge for rooms but you can only reserve them 30 days in advance.